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« The Dr. Oz Show True Crime: Oz Behind Bars: Exclusive Prison Interview With The Mom Who Hired A (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz visits a prison to find out why a mother and grandmother would do the unthinkable, and later, he discusses the mass murder of eight family members.
Dr. Phil Exes at War: Who's Behind the CPS Reports? (HD, New, TV-14) Dr. Phil continues to counsel a woman who sought his help with her 5-year-old daughter, who she claims was stolen from her by Child Protective Services.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-G) Model Chrissy Teigen discusses her cookbook, "Cravings: Hungry for More," and co-hosts; Michael B. Jordan of "Creed II" stops by.
Fairbanks Evening News (New) The NewsCenter 11 Evening Team offers a report on the latest news of the day, as well as updates on sports, Fairbanks area weather and current traffic issues.

TMZ (HD, New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website TMZ.com presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
Mike & Molly Spring Break (HD, TV-14) Molly decides to party with Victoria and her old college friends for a spring break road trip; Mike pulls some strings with his boss to get some overtime work.
Mike & Molly Mike's New Boots (HD, TV-14) Molly is possessed by the green-eyed monster when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to another woman who is clearly flirting with him.
2 Broke Girls And the French Kiss (HD, TV-14) After having a pretty intense encounter with Max's pastry school chef, Nicholas, Caroline discovers a secret about him that makes her regret the whole affair.
2 Broke Girls And the Secret Ingredient (HD, TV-14) Caroline develops a new obsession with extreme couponing, and in the midst of her newly found vice she discovers the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes.
Two and a Half Men Woo-Hoo, a Hernia Exam! (HD, TV-14) When Charlie becomes too adventurous in bed and hurts his back, Alan takes him to the hospital; Jake is taught a lesson in personal hygiene by an annoyed Berta.
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